COOPOL addresses the complex issues of real-time process control based on advanced models and on-line sensors, to develop a generic basis for widely applicable sustainable intensified processes. COOPOL will develop a new process control approach, linking molecular level information and understanding of the reaction chemistry with real-time sensing, rigorous modeling based on first principles, subsequent model reduction and non-linear model-predictive control (NMPC) with economic objectives, called dynamic real-time optimisation (DRTO).

The approach of COOPOL is to develop robust real-time optimisation-based control and sensing methodologies and through their application to achieve, in parallel, the intensification of
(i) the existing processes, and
(ii) the development of novel intensive ‘smart-scale’ processes.

• The development of intensive ‘smart-scale’ reactor technology with real-time feed-back control

• A novel sensor-fusion approach for on-line inference of process parameters in the polymerisation process

• Utilisation of new types of sensors and model-based experimental analysis for advanced models of polymerisation processes

• Creation of realistic optimisation models and economic objectives